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When It comes to changing your Interior doors there are literally hundreds of doors from the most basic hollow core doors to solid core doors to wood doors or mirrored doors to beautify any room. We can get them all and Install them with or without tearing out your existing door frames.

I hear from customers all the time that the only way to change and Interior door is to start from scratch and rip out the existing frame and that simply Isn't true and you will never hear me tell you that we need to do the whole thing unless needed true to rot or damage.

I started Doug Gillespie Doors almost 30 years ago before the days of pre-hung doors when each door needed to be scribed, trimmed, beveled and installed Into an existing door jamb and were still doing hundreds every month.

When you contact me I will listen to your needs, I will send you links to door manufacturers so that you can browse through them at your leisure and when you pick one or more than one I will price them for you and include them In a free written itemized email, No Fuss!

Shopping Made Easy.

Unlike most Contractors I am the first to admit that I'm no salesman and even though I know most of the products out there I see new door types and styles all the time and to be honest I simply cant keep up with all the different interior doors out there.

So when you contact me and say that you've already bought a door from The Home Depot, Lowes or another supplier I will give you the estimate and even pick the door up from The Home Depot or Lowes for you at no charge.

On the other hand If you want something different for your bedrooms, bathrooms and closets that the home stores don't have or want a ridiculous price to order I will put you In touch with one of my sales people at Ganahl Lumber Door & Window  department and when you go to them through me for your doors, hardware or other related materials they will give you my discounted cost.