Door Repairs and Re-Installing

Damaged Door or Door Jamb.

Hopefully you'll never get burglarized or the Emergency serivices need to kick in a door to get Into your home quickly. All is not lost. As long as the door isn't damaged we can repair or replace the damaged frame around the door and have you secure once again.

Termites! Yes, those annoying little things love to devour wood products and even if you have a Steel or Fiberglass door you will generally still have a wood frame which may get eaten and we even have you covered here. On many occassion we have had to remove a beautiful door and re-hang It In a new frame with new trim and hardware and this can be done very simply also.


door repair and installation door threshold Door knobs, handles, locks and deadbolts dont last forever but can easily be changed and we can replace damaged hardware very simply.

If your having problems with locking a door or you want to change the finish / color of your hardware to match the style of your home we can do it.

Perhaps you want to upgrade to the latest in keypad style locks. We have you covered there also.

Thresholds, weather stripping and door bottom shoes also need replacing from time to time to help seal your doors properly and keep out the damp or cold.

Door Repair and Installation

I even check out the door and hardware to ensure that everything is great when I'm done.