Without a doubt Steel Entry Doors are right behind Fiberglass doors these days and more of my customers are realizing this.  

Why have wood front doors Installed that are going to warp, crack, rot or even get infested with termites?  

Why take the chance on having to replace your exterior doors every year or two because the sun and rain have destroyed them because there are no more Oil based enamals to help protect them so they were painted with latex paint which won't protect a wood door.  

We are using more and more Steel doors for the Fire door between your home and garage or the door leading to your side or back yard where we need a functional door that going to hold up and last for years but we dont need the more elegant and expensive Fiberglass door.

To be honest I do get to Install just as many customer supplied doors as i do from me supplying the door and they are Installed with the same precision as a door supplied by me.   


Many of my customers contact me with a door that they've purchased from somewhere like The Home Depot or Lowes and that fine, I will gladly Install a door that I didnt buy but please beware.  

You see If you find a stock item at a home store you will get a great price but may not get the exact options that you would prefer and when you ask to change  something like the jamb width or threshold color/finish the price will miraculously double and dont get me started on their Installation costs.  

So, this is where I can help. I have dealt with one of the best door suppliers in both Orange and L.A Counties for almost 30 years now and they are GANAHL LUMBER and when you need help both choosing and purchasing your door i will gladly give you my sales persons direct contact Information and by doing this you will get any disconut that I would get.

So if you're looking for Pre-hung Steel doors in Lakewood or surrounding areas please try us. You will not be disappointed.